YZ 426 or 450?

Hello all--

I raced MX pretty seriously (if not successfully) in the late seventies and now at 44, am about to get back into riding. I'm not planning on racing, at least not at first. I plan to pick up a YZ426, but the 450s are right around the corner. Though my riding will consist mostly of play-racing, I will do a little trailing and I'm concerned that the 450's four-speed tranny will not be as versitile. Advice, retorts and flames welcome...

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Flames - Get an 03 CRF450!

Advice - Get WR450F 5 speed

but most of all

don't get the 426 because the 450 is right around the corner!

If you want a 426, there tons of GOOD used 426's out there!


the new 450's 4-speed has the EXACT same top speed in 4th gear as the 426 with a 50 tooth rear sprocket does in 5th (which almost all riders did).

As far as trailing the new 4-speed, I would honestly think the 5 speed might be a bit better, if only for the fact that 1st would probably be quite a bit lower than the 1st on the 450.

The 450 is designed for MX from the ground up...although I have never had a problem riding mine in hare scrambles, just the suspension is a bit *stiff* for that :)

If you are getting back into you will be better off with either a good deal on a new '02 or a good used 426. There will be plenty of them and they have been around long enough that all the bugs have been worked out.

You should be able to go home with a good bike for less than $5K. If you stick with your plan to get a 450F then you will likely pay $6K or more. You can buy a lot of gear for $1000.

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