Ironman Sprockets

Bought an Ironman front 13T sprocket a while back. Went riding yesterday and notice a lot of side to side motion in the sprocket. The retainer that came with the sprocket and the sprocket splines all line up exactly. The only thing keeping it from coming off was the chain hitting the frame. I didn't hurt the frame but I can tell where it was rubbing some. I have been riding with the sprocket like that for awhile. I checked it against the stock sprocket and if you align the retainer holes the splines on the sprockets are offset like the retainer should be. Has anybody else ever seen this with any sprockets before? I guess the holes in the sprocket were drilled in the wrong place. The stock retainer lines perfectly also. I'm going to get with Ironman and see if they have ever come across this.

I have an Ironman 14 and 15. No problems with them - the retainer plate is offset just like the stock set up???

Just got off the phone with Dirt Tricks. They got a batch that were made wrong. Instead of throwing the sprockets away they just made new retainer clips. They are sending me the new retainer. :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear they got out to the public. Stuff like that can hurt someone......they sure are going out on a limb. They sould have been recalled or something, any time an after market part for bikes that could be raced they should be checked to be sure of there safty.

The guy at Dirt Tricks said the sprockets were recalled. I don't know why I never heard anything. I do remember when I got the sprocket that the package said to use the retainer that came with the sprocket. I did but I guess it never got changed out with the special retainer. At least it didn't hurt me or anything on the bike.

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