XR600 Rear wheel compatibility question.

Hello this is my first post to the forum and I must say that there is a lot of good information here as I have been searching and reading through the archives.

I am posting to see if anyone has had experience putting wheels from either other xr's or cr's etc on a 1993 or newer xr600r. This would help to expand my list of options to replace my rear wheel. I did search the archives here but only found posts on rear wheels that are compatable to turn the bike into a full street bike.

I have been doing a lot of routine maintainance on my 1993 xr600r but forgot one thing and that was to change the rear wheel bearings. Unforunatly I learned the lesson by destroying my rear hub bearings and spacers trying to get the bike back home. :thumbsup:

I have researched aftermarket rims but they are a little pricey and you still need a stock hub to spoke them too.

Does anyone have a rear hub complete with bearings and spacers intact or a full rear wheel from a 1991 on XR600r that they would like to part with to help me get my bike up and running again?

I am contemplating finding another 91-98 XR600 in Ontario Canada to use for parts.

Any comments help or advice appreciated.

So then do you really need the hub or just a new set of bearings and some new spacers? If you only need bearings and spacers you should be able to replace them for about $50 USD. I recently replaced mt rear wheel bearings with a kit from Pivot Works for about $20 and it looks like Bikebandit.com sells both spacers for about $25. The Pivot Works kit comes with new bearings, seals and a new bearing retainer (put some never seize on your new retainer when you install it). You can make a bearing retainer tool out of a piece of flat steel stock and a couple of small bolts that fit into the retainer holes. I'm afraid the wheels for these bikes are getting harder and harder to come by - at least I haven't seen many for sale. Good Luck

Thanks for the information that is a really good idea about improvising the retainer tool!

Unfortunatly the hub was shattered and cracked when the bearings let loose in the hub along with the internal collar as well.

Go to eBay and put XR600 in the search box. There is a complete rear wheel assembly on sale now.

Cool Thanks for the tip.

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