Can the yz 450 be raced in tight trails I race HS circuit in PNW?

Hey fellow thumpers.

This is going to be a long post, but before I fork out 5300.00 bucks I want to know if it is a fit.

I currently race the Hare Scrambles circuit here in Oregon and Washington. A class in Washington, AA in Oregon.

I do make some Works Races.

I currently own a 02 YZ 250 and I'm getting tired of really twisting the throttle to stay up with all those damm CRF 450's that are all over the place, but I do love the 250 when we go up north and race around Mt Baker in the tight, twisty woods.

I have been hearing great things about the 450, but I'm a little concerned with it on the tight trails, and also holding onto it for a 3 hour long hare scramble.

I do have a bigger type build (5-9, 185 lbs, so I do have the upper body strenght), and I'm 37 years old so I have less testostorone floating around in me and can really massage the throttle if needed.

I have raced 4 strokes way back when (90 XR-250, and don't laugh 1990 Suzuki DR 250 when I had no $) and really liked

the throttle and traction, but both of those are POS's :thumbsup: compared to today's 4-stroke standards.

Does anyone currently race a 450 in tigher stuff for 3 hours?

I hear that you can detune the 450 if need be?

Can I make the ultimate CRF 450 killer?

For some reason the CR's are super popular here in the NW, and you dont see many YZF's anymore?

Thanks for your help, and your time



RR I don't know your answer, but in our races there is a couple that do really well. I'm a B rider here. I just bought a 03 450. Im tired of getting out powered. So far it feels great. I really don't think you will have to de power it at all. Just tweak it to your settings. Im still running stock sprockets on my other two bikes.

Thanks for the info.

How long are your races down there?

What type of terrain

One day I plan on doing some of the GNCC also.

I will probable keep a yz250 around and just do what Ty Davis does.

When it opens up whip out the "man killer"

When it's tight, get out the light weight bruiser

It will be interesting to see what Yamaha makes the boys do as the 450's become more popular?

Especially this year when they are not selling well?

Does anyone else have any idea's


Our races are two hour races. Our land is as different as there is. We have some awesome rocky races, then a couple of weeks later we could be in a swamp. I like the rocks alot more so. One of our past champs is now riding for TY Davis. His name is Josh Weienfelt. I raced the GNCC in Texas this year ,it was a blast. I too will bring two bikes to the races. My 250f and the 450(it just feels like my 250f but wayyyyy faster at all points)Depends if its wet or dry for me. If its wet I'll use the pup, if its dry the 450 will be my choice :thumbsup:

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