Pastrana and Metzger Dazzle 'Em at Gravity Games

I thought Pastrana was hurt?

Pastrana is hurt, his feelings are hurt. Since Larocco walked over and almost kicked his ass for breaking his wrist, Pastrana's head has been kinked, but good. I honestly think he's afraid of Larocco. I would be too. :)

Pastrami and Windham have given Roger D a bleeding ulcer.

2 nut cases, their chances of amounting to anything are diminishing quickly.

10 years from now no one will give a rats a s s about freestyle. A national championship would be quite an acheivement.

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Beezer, they said that about Rap music too. Sometimes bad ideas just take on a life of thier own.

Maybe I'm becoming an old geezer. I was acutally looking for nose hair trimmers the other day!


I thought freestyle was for people who couldn't race???

I'm not much of a freestyle enthusiast, but I do remeber a kid named Travis Pastrana winning a 125 National Championship a year or so ago. But I guess that's in the past.

Travis is fast on a 125. Well at least he was, that was pre-bubba! Travis had a trial by fire really. Personally I think they pushed him into the 250 class too quickly. Physically, he's fast enough, menatally, he's not up to the cut throat racing end. My $.02

Originally posted by Slymax:

I thought freestyle was for people who couldn't race???

Good point!!! This is a good argument. A good freestyler will tell you there's no money in racing when your a 125cc privateteer and you could make alot more in freestyle. But some think that they are guys that can't qualify for a supercross. I can't either :) ...

What the hell is Travis doing? He's going to get smoked when he eventually (?) gets back to racing. He's digging himself a big hole fast. Granted, he does give Suzuki alot of exosure being in the Gravity and X games, but racing and winning championships is what I thought Suzuki paid him to do. I think the freestyle thing would be fine as long as he was racing and doing good, but he's not. All the top 8 guys in the 125 and 250 classes are intensly focused ,ruthless on the track, and continually improving while Travis appears to be going backwards. I hope he gets his head straight, I miss watching him.

I think that Travis is completly stupid for wasting his ability on Freestyle. He almost lost Suzuki and I think that he should have. Now dont get me wrong, I think Travis is awesome but you don't take your ability as a racer and just throw it away because you like to do backflips. Look at Ricky (as much as I hate him) he is good at freestyle to but you dont see him out there. I am still bitter at Travis because he has been out for so many nationals and the day that he was supposed to be out for Red Bud (the local national to me) because he was 'hurt' he was on racerx's website practicing backflips. There are a lot of fans out there that go to races just to see Travis and it is disappointing that he is doing this. Granite he is amazing at Freestyle and he is the only one that actually races the freestyle course, I still think he is a Dumbass. As far as Windham goes he is just as stupid. I just hope that they both wake up and smell the 2-stroke because I am an amateur that works my ass off to get sponsors and keep them and to do my best at every race that I can and I hate to see someone like those guys just through away the best job in world.

I'm with Rat! any seat time is good practice... anyone that can man handle a 250 thru a backflip will be able to use those same skills to be fast on the track!

Travis knew he could win, he ALWAYS does, and You can see how much FUN he is having. don't we all wish our lives were this spectacular!

AND... if he gets hurt freestylin, he looses his million from Suzuki.


Rat Racing wrote: If suzuki thought that he was going to amount to nothing as someone wrote above they would not have signed him to a new contract.

You must be too damn stupid to realize that Suzuki doesn't have the top riders beating the door down to ride there under powered bikes.

Suzuki will let Pastrana do what he wants, when he wants. Even if it means doing a bunch of tricks that he should be saving for the finish line jump when he finishes an actual race. In 3rd place of course. (only to Carmichael and Ferry)

Now go drink a Sobe energy drink and shut the hell up.

When we argue in NJ we never use reason or intellect. We simply insult people.

Thats why we have such a good reputation around the country.

And anyone who disagrees with me is an a-hole.

Taken for the racer-x web site:

August 6, 2002

Pastrana out for four more months

Team SoBe Suzuki's Travis Pastrana suffered another setback on Sunday afternoon at the Gravity Games when he bailed off his Suzuki at the height of

an approximately 40-foot leap during a Step-Up competition. Pastrana landed on his knee wrong and suffered a dislocation that required surgery. Racer X

photographer Anthony Scavo shot this photo of the leap in which Pastrana bailed off.

Yah, he'll really be dazzling em' now won't he.


A factory will only take so much from a snot nosed, then its back to the bottom of the pile.

Sounds like nobody is really managing this guy at all.....

Travis is a moron for doing the XGAmes, Gravity games, whatever stupid free style event there is. Here is why: They do not make crap in earnings for winning....8k-20k, big deal! That is peanuts for a guy with this much talent. Now Travis is hurt again..."out for 4 months", do you think Suzuki/Roder Decoster is going to put up with this much longer? I do not. If he would concentrate his efforts on Motocross & Supercross, the payback & moral fortitude/personal payback for winning a championship would mean so much more than winning a freestyle event. Backflips are cool, leave it up to the freestylist that can not hack it in Motocross/supercross!!

... I think I just heard DeCoster's aorta burst..

Merf :)

Hey Merf, did you see Hack posting on TT? He has thumpin on his mind (YZ450F).

Sadly, Pastrana will barely have time to heal, let alone get up to race speed, before Anaheim '03. If he doesn't win or wad in SX, then the Nats may be his last chance at redemption since Stewart will arrive in '04.

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