shock spring rate help..used 426

I recently bought an 02 426 with Race Tech suspension both front and back. I was checking free sag today and it is over 220 mm with me on board. The seller told me it was setup for up to an 180lb rider. He was a small dude (~165lbs) so I don't know what rate the spring had but this seems like an extremely high free sag. Would this much sag make much since with a 206lb rider on board? Do you think Race Tech also dropped the pressure in the rear shock? Do I need to do more than simply install a new RachTech with a higher spring rate?


when you say free sag you are measuring the bike with it supporting just it's weight, then you climb on board (with gear) and measure it again. The difference is the sag you should be measuring.

Check out RaceTech's site if you haven't already. Race Tech

Thats almost the total amount of travel you have. Somethings not right. How are you measuring the sag?


Yea, I thought so myself. Maybe I screwed it up but I'm usually pretty good at getting stuff like this right. But I'm a know-it-all.....

Measured (A) = height from the rear axle to a perpendicular point directly above (used a reference off the rear plastic) with only the bike (static weight)

Measured (:thumbsup: = same reference points but with my full weight on the pegs.

B - A = free sag = ~200mm.

I warmed up the suspension prior to measuring. Like I said, maybe I seriously goofed but I did take multiply measurements. Even with that sag that bike certainly still has more travel so I don't know that I agree with shockdoc's statement.


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