Ohlins Steering Dampner or Scotts???

I was just on Ohlins web site and there is a Ohlins version of the Scotts steering dampner--identical! So the question I have is who really makes it???

It would appear that Scotts sells the Ohlins dampner--no wonder the little gems are so $$$$!

Ohhh but they are definately worth the money.

I love my Scotts/Ohlins damper.


I understood that Scott's helped to design it, but Ohlins makes them... Same colour and all, just a different name on them...

I could only get the Ohlin$ version here in Australia, but the Scotts Triple clamp. bolt on tower etc all fit - they are identical, even the spare parts are interchangeable..

But THEY are worth the money...


I don't think Scotts and Ohlins are the same company... but the Steering Dampener product is identical except for the name on it...


I have an older version of the Scott's and it doesn't even have their name/logo etched on the piece. Just a sticker.

The way I look at it is Scott's is the exclusive US dist. of Ohlin's dampers and they rebrand them as Scott's.

Hick I really think scotts created it and sold the rights to Ohlins. They are the US distributor. I have had one for years(took it off of my roadracing bike) only thing I could use on my 426. I am not sure, about who the real manufacturer is but Scotts was 1st by years. :)

They are the same company..........

Dodger :):D

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