2002 XR650L Gearing ??

My friend just bought one and it is way to tall in the gearing dept for trail. Any suggestions on what to put in 14/47 ?? Or so, and still have decent road manners ?? It currently is 15/45. Thanks. :thumbsup:

13/45 works for me on both street and dirt. Some situations I would like to have lower gearing, but I can not give up any more street performance.

I have a fairly large rear tire, and use 13/48 gearing.

55 is fine, 65 buzzy but OK, redline at 85 mph.


You are running a 3:1 ratio now. Drop to a 14 tooth front and it will be 3.21:1 A 13 tooth front will give you 3.46:1 Unless you are doing tight trails and not much highway to get there, I would start with the 14 tooth gear.

I do tight trails with the 13/45, the bike has so much torque it works well. Going on steep down hill on tight stuff if where I would like it to be at 4.0 but 3.4 works. On the street it is comfortable at 70.

If it was a Microsoft Windows sprocket, you could be at 4.0 but it would crash a lot........ :thumbsup:

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