Dumb ignition question

Would taking the stator and all surrounding parts off (Wiring, etc..) cause my ignition light not to work? I am not an expert at reading the electrical schematics and am trying to figure out why my ignition light isnt working.

The last thing I did was remove stator, it worked last night? Hoping it's just something to do with the stator wiring running in series with the main switch or something? :thumbsup: I've checked the battery and have ~12.5v

Thanks for any help. I've had a few dumb posting lately hopefully this is the last.

Let me get this straight. You've taken the stator and all the wiring off and you are worried about the ign. indicator light? Shouldn't you be worried about getting the stator back in the bike and some of that wiring? :thumbsup:

I've unplugged the 2 wires coming from the stator, not all the wiring on the bike. I am concerned about getting it sent to BD and back on the bike. I attempted to check some of my work today and came across this problem. Sorry if it sounded like I had taken all the wiring off the bike :thumbsup:

if you can point me to a url for a 450 wiring diagram I'll be able to help. Don't quote me on this, but it's possible that the bike wiring gets it's earth from the stator.

I've got the diagram but no scanner. I looked online but couldnt find a diagram. I've stared at the thing for at least an hour today and it makes sense I just don't know how to determine whether or not the stator being removed would cause this.

It appears that stators and the electrical system are something most arent familiar with. When I get everything put back together I'll post an update. :thumbsup:

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