Sorry, but this is just too cool!!


I wonder how long it going to be before somebody tries a cordova backflip and gets piledrived into the earth?

That guy needs to practice... looks like he is looping out on the jump. He needs to lean forward more and learn to tap the rear brake when the front gets to high like that. He is going to land on his head.... hope no one gets hurt. :)

Back in my day that is how we crashed :)

Gee I guess we were pioneers back then...


You're showing your ignorance. He is not "looping out", he is riding a very stealthy four stroke and chopped the throttle on the face. This is an endo in a big way, you fool. You don't know anything. He also appears to need a new set of footpegs since his feet clearly slipped off. Hope he's wearing a cup or something. Was this at the Loretta Lynns?


Why are you roosting fox, Its clear the Camara picture taker is standing on his head in an inverted Photog loop

Cant explain the crowd though

Geez eez up :)

[ August 03, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

A few more. Should have some more backflip stuff at the end of Sunday.



Dave, do ya have a link where we can see the bigger versions??? I want to use them for wallpapers!!! Great pics man.


Is a Camera picture taker the guy photographing the camera? If so, who took these shots? :)

Here are some more. Go to for more photos. There should more photos posted at the end of Monday, concluding Sundays's event.





Did anyone actually pay $15 to see the gravity games this weekend on PPV?

They have got to be able to pull in more revenue selling commercial space than they would selling the show for $15 a hit.

That last pick of the guy doinh the flying Y

I saw my buddie do that same trick on a XL-350 Honda with 4 inches of travel.

He hit a juniper bush doing about 40 mph, I never saw anything like that in my life. I was laughing so hard I crashed my xl-250 / 312 powrol kitted Thumpy into his truck.

I swear this is no lie he looked just like that.....

My gad we could have all been celebs by now :)


Thansk that was totally awsome pics..

Is it just me or do I see one of these guys getting killed doing this insane SH*T?

What the hell is Pastrana thinking? Shouldn't this kid be out training on some track getting ready for next year's SX or working on paralysis?

Call me old fashion if you will but these guys are not right in the head and the death of one of these guys will lay on the promoters shoulders when it happens...and IT WILL HAPPEN.


Don't worry about guys getting killed doing this stuff, it'll happen, some piece of crap lawayer will sue the bike manufacturer for who knows what, and somehow the greenies will use it as ammo to close more of our riding areas.

Seriously though, extreme sports have serious risk factors. Obviously being 30-40 feet in the air with 200 lbs of hard metal objects above your head is not wise. But think of all the guys that have surfed 50' waves over coral reefs, or the countless number of idiots who've jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, or the guys who ski down mountains so steep the snow you carve goes down hill faster than you...the list goes on.

Point is, there are plenty of dangerous activities out there. If you don't want to die, don't do them.

The promoters should be required to publish crash section videos of these guys training to do these tricks though. I wakeboard and the videos I have always put a crash section at the end. I'm not sure if it's there as a deterrent (sp?) or as entertainment but it's kept me from trying tricks I wasn't ready for.

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