which CDI units will fit a 94 650L?

my friend needs a new CDI for his bike and we were curious to see if other xr units will work. maybe off of a 650R? thanks alot.

c'mon somebody has got to know? :thumbsup:

The units are the same from 2001 to 2004 (that's all my parts manual says) so why not go get a used one from a bike wrecker or get one off of eBay? I have no clue as to any cross fitting from other models.......

XR650R and XR650L motors are totally different,i'd be suppried if would even fit.A NX650 unit might work(same motor)or even a XR600R would be a closer match. :thumbsup:

I know that the NX650 CDI fits, I troubleshot one about six months ago with my XR650 CDI. My CDI gets around! There's an aftermarket 600R CDI on Ebay for under $75.

The XR and NX CDI's have different part numbers. I think the NX might work on the XR, but not visa versa, because of the tach. The plugs also appear to be different. I bought a new unit for my NX for $86 here:


I don't have my XR650L anymore, otherwise I'd try to swap them to see if it works....

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