If only life were this complicated,,, Maybe Just Maybe

I cleaned my garage out again today ,,, well at least my 1/3 :)

I came to a realization, if only life could be this complicated<<<

I have to many bikes and not enough space,

Ohh what is a guy to do, no matter how I stack em up, I still end with the same amount of walking free space :D

Ya if only life were that complicated..... :D

Or may be just that simple

[ August 03, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

EGO. Boy do I have your solution! I have an immense shop that could easily hold some of your bikes. I won't even charge you storage. Hell, I might even pay for the shipping! Just let me know!!! Maniac :D:):D


You can store your 426 at my place. I've got lots of room ane I'll never let anyone ride it :) . It will just sit there waitin for ya. Oh ya.... I won't even use any parts off the thing that just might be needed on my bike. :D "For real"EGO. I'll wash it, polish it, change to oil, put air in the tires, ect. ect. Just load it up and bring it by. Think of it as my way of doing you a favor of giving you that extra space needed in the ol' garage. What do ya say EGO. Can I help ya out? :D:D

Yo.... EGO.....

It ain't cool to keep a guy hanging when he trys to help ya out :) . The very least ya could do is say "thanks, but no thanks. But noooooooo... Ya don't even do that.

Well fine then... I was going to up the offer to include a free tire rotation and wax job but that's off now.

See EGO. Ya need to "jump" when people are willing to lend a hand. Who knows.... I might still sweeten the deal.

Remember, I'm doing this for you :D:D .

Missed the point entirly

I will keep the bikes were they are, Thank you.

My point was this

With all the crazy crap in the world today making everyone nuts

Would it not be cool to have the only worry as how to stack your bikes in a garage with no room. I got room alright a 2700 sq foot home with a 3 car garage.

The problem is I cant throw anything I want away, my wife keeps taking it back out of the truck..... So it all gets piled on my side....

Oh sure! String us on, and then, when we offer to help you out, you then change your mind! Are you sure your not a woman? Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just curious. Maniac

E.G.O.**** I have the same problem

Too many toys or not enough garage

The way I see it theres only one solution for me

A bigger garage



Transplant from CA to CO. I did it four years ago. You can build a custom house on a few acres and have 4000sqft garage with 20' cielings for the price of your house...with some money left over for a new 450! :)

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