GYTR 8 oz flywheel... NO "I" mark to time????

The GYTR flywheel that I got from a fellow TTer (thank you very much!!) has no marks on it to time the bike?!?!?!?

So I guess I have to use the stock flywheel to time it then put the 8 oz on to ride?

Or?! I'm not sure, doesn't seem to be a way around this.

Oh well- I guess it is a 12 pack job instead of a 6 pack job! :thumbsup:

You can also look at the marks on the cam. When they line up facing the inside of the motor your good. Those hash marks suck.

I just put 2 center punch marks on the gyt flywheel in line with the key groove...or you can pull the sparkplug out and use a small phillips to find TDC.

How does the extra weight work?

the flywheel helps A LOT! made it much easier to ride faster... not so finicky on the faces of jumps, and it helps to keep the front end planted in the turns!

It is worth having to swap flywheels to Re-time itb (only added 5 minutes)

I am definatly glad Can'tfly hooked me up!!

much more control of wheelspin

better engine braking

Worth the effort!


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