Coil on Plug setup from Mike Dean

I got the coil on plug kit from Mike Dean earlier this week and just installed it a few hours ago. First off let me say you are the man Mike, I wasnt expecting such a complete kit with detailed pics and instructions. I think for $45 this was a bargain, I already showed one of my friends (who has a 426) and he was really impressed also, and is interested in buying one.

The whole installation wasnt that hard and took about an hour. I started the bike and rode it behind my house and it runs really good. Maybe it is just me but the bike has a deeper sounding rumble now. I went ahead and lubed my throttle cables, and now it is a breeze (no more removing the coil off the frame) Taking the carb off will also be easier now.

Well I just thought I would post my opinion, in case someone is thinking about going to coil on plug setup. Pics and instructions are on my site here is the link Later,


I started the bike and rode it behind my house and it runs really good. Maybe it is just me but the bike has a deeper sounding rumble now.

A riding buddy of mine also has this set up. His bike definitely looks trick since he ground off the stock coil brackets and the bike runs great. I will definitely get this as soon as I get my engine repaired.

I'm a little skeptical that it would change the exhaust note though. :)

Sorry about all the edits. I can't type tonight.

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way cool, is there a part number on that coil? :) PM me

I have asked my dealer about the 03 coil


Uhhh, Dont even have a micro fich for it yet. no part numbers or prices.

This sucks,

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Just buy the kit from Mike Dean. The coil comes off of a lincoln town car. I doubt that you can buy the coil and put the kit together as cheap as Mike offers it. Maybe you could, but why go through the trouble. mike works for a Ford dealership (as a mechanic I believe) and he has done all the "leg work" for you. It is a quality kit that he has put together.

I don't know if there is a performance gain, but your cool factor shoots way up!!

Motoman, thanks for the review. mike

Go buy a Hayabusa coil/cap from a salvage yard. Be sure to get the plug for it also as this cannot be purchased from a dealer. It cost me approximately $55.00 to do mine. It is a much smaller unit than what I am seeing on motomans page. Wiring is too simple. It seems to work very well but not necessarily better or worse than stock.

What applications can it be used for??

Year/make models?

If you reread the MXA article on Dubach's 426, it doesn't say that the coil he was running IS off a Hayabusa. "....coil cap is a Japanese performance part that comes on a few high performance street bikes, most notably the Suzuki Hayabusa. Dubach was conviently vague when it came to where he got the spark plug cap."

Considering that he is a YAMAHA test rider and the 03 comes with a coil on plug setup, wouldn't one assume that he was running the 03 coil. He has access to such parts. Wait for the 03 to come out, I bet it will work on older models... and be much cleaner setup. Just my 02.


Sorry for my ignorance, but i think i missed the point of the coil on cap issue. Is there a specific, functionality improvement, or just a new toy on the block.

Thanks for clearing this up


Chics dig it :)

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Sparky, Fly-nBri, Skthom2320, E.G.O., check your PM's. Mike

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Sparky the point is to get the coil off the frame, away from the carb. I makes doing carb adjustments much easier.

Be like Mike! :)

Im calling Mike too. I printed the Motomans review, in color. Why? A reason to be in the garage.

BigLou, check your PMs. Mike

I'm going to have to get me one of those kits, taking the coil off to futz with the carb always irritates me.

I herby call this the MD coil mod! Can I get a witness!!

Me! Oh me! Let me be the witness this time!!


Ok, time for me to get back in the garage where I belong!!

Grats on a nice find Mike!

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The MD mod...I like it! :) Later,


Be interesting to see how it holds up, CDI systems typically push a much higher voltage on the primary side of the coil. As long as winding insulation holds up. But past experience, (Yamaha dealership '70's & early 80's), I've seen some fail when a regular ignition coil was used. TCI's, (transistor controlled ignition's), run 12v on primary side of coil. May hold up forever; actually it probably will because I know it shouldn't :)

Mike-Check's in the mail! Thanks!

I had a source locally for an ignition coil, but he no longer works for Ford. Not sure what his name is on this board, "Pat in KC", I think. Anywho, he has been running his setup since the first of the year, riding up to three times a week in mud, dust, water, you name it. I figure I will keep the stock coil and have a spare plug wire/boot assy in the toolbox just in case. I feel pretty confident about the MD Mod, however, based on all the other reports. :)

I may not be fast, but by golly, I'll LOOK fast! :D

This sites very own KCHusky documented this set up on a few post back in March or even ealier this year w/no responses. Then Dubach and others mentioned the Suzuki stuff.

Mr.Husky had some close up photo's of Ferry's bike and noticed the lack of a coil on the right side and started the works. He was a tech at a Ford dealership and happened accross a coil pack for a Continental and started in w/the work...Our first race of the year was a miserable mess back in early March, that was the mod's first race test, it had been ridden since mid February w/the mod done but race testing is always good...sand/mud/water..and more mud and water..

I now have the mod and it is nice for carb changes and really cleans up the right side of the bike. Hats off to Mike Dean for the kit, but the mod itself deserves credit elsewhere.


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