Coil on Plug setup from Mike Dean

But now you HAVE to remove the tank to change spark plugs!

I installed mine over the winter and have been riding it for 7 months with out a problem, still same spark plug. Mike

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[ August 07, 2002: Message edited by: mike dean ]

With the Hayabusa cap/coil you dont have to remove the gas tank. The article didnt say it was a Hayabusa coil I just tried one and it worked. It is much smaller than the Ford coil. I am sure both work fine. It just people something to do in their garage while they are waiting to go for a ride. Anyway just tell people it doesnt have a coil it is a diesel! LOL

98yz Why would you have to change the plug?

I changed mine.....err......checked it and put it back, a year ago, and then checked it again about a month ago(only because the race was over on ESPN2 and I had nothing else to do)and put it back again because it was fine.

I too am a little confused about the whole issue myself. I have adjusted, and lubed my throttle cables, and removed the entire carburetor with the stock coil in place. It has caused no problems. The only reason why I would even think about it would be for looks and quite frankly I would rather spend the $55 on graphics that someone besides the most technical person would would actually notice. The fact that you guys can cross reference parts from cars and use them and all is ingenious, but come on, is it necessary? And to whoever said you have to remove your tank to change are right. We all do even with the stock coil. I cannot for the life of me see how it would be possible to change plugs without taking the tank off.

Originally posted by Bambislayer:

I cannot for the life of me see how it would be possible to change plugs without taking the tank off.

You don't have to take the tank ALL the way off to change the plug. You do have to take the tank bolts out so you can lift the tank up some while getting the spark plug cap off.

Saves a little time since you don't have to remove the fuel line too.


Are you running this Hayabusa coil now??

If so, what was the $$ lay out?


NH Kevin

NH Kevin

I paid $35.00 for the coil used from a salvage yard. The electrical connection/plug to the coil cost me another $20.00. So a total of about $55.00 and an hour of my time to wire and fiddle. It works great and is very small. It fits the hole in the head perfectly. It seems to be well sealed. It has performed flawlessly. That being said it doesnt work any better or worse than stock. It just gave me something to do!

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