04 450 Shutting of while riding.

Anybody have this happen. Yesterday I was riding in the woods and cruising along in 3rd gear and the bike just shut off. I kicked it about 4 times and it started right up and rode the next 3 miles with no problems. I then took a 10 min break. Took off back in the woods and about 4 miles in cruising along in 3rd gear bike just shut off. I had this happen to me during a race also. The race was 40 miles. Laps were 8 miles. Started second lap bike shut off while I was riding. Kicked it 3 times started back up and never stalled again. Anybody have any IDEA??

Sounds like it could be vapor lock.

Make sure your fuel vent is not obstructed in any way.

Same thing happened to one of my friends and it was caused from vapor lock. So he took all the guts out of his gas cap and removed the inline breather hose thing. I forget what that thing is called. The bike doens't shut off anymore.

Guess I will try and take of the little vent tube and put the stock one back on and see if that fixes the problem.

Did it happen while turning by any chance? If so make sure there is enough slack in the kill switch wire. Make sure it is connected well. Could be vapor lock or damaged one way valve in the fuel vent line. Vapor lock is caused from gas getting too hot and boiling not from lack of venting in the gas tank.

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