I've got a good one for you.

Just finished getting the shock re-valved on Friday and went out to the track to make some adjustments this weekend as to be ready for racing next weekend. I'm out on the track 30 seconds and wind up on my face.... front end washed out in a corner..... Knowing that this is how bad days start I figured I'd just take it easy for a bit. When exiting the track the beast really starts running like crap so off to the pits I go. All of a sudden she shuts down. I figure the temps are about 88 degrees and I should richen my mixture a bit... I reach down and....Holy Crap! the Fuel screw is missing..... Damnit... I just put that damned White Bros fuel screw in three weeks ago..... I got semi-Lucky and started back tracking to the point where it started running bad....and low and behold...the fuel screw was glistening there on the sand..... I say semi lucky because the spring was nowhere to be found and forget the little rubber o-ring that goes on the end.... I tried to find the spring and ring this morning....Might as well be looking for a rocket engine at this point.... so now I have to order the Pilot screw set from Yamaha.....It will be just my luck that the warehouse in Atlanta doesn't stock it and I'll have to wait 5 days for it to ship out of CA. I never had this problem with my Kouba , atleast on the 99 YZ if the screw vibrates loose it will not fall completely out of the carb..... Another bad design from the Yamaha Factory team that I'm going to have to find a fix for....

Damnit man!

Bonzai :thumbsup:

Damn, Bill, your luck is almost as bad as mine. You gonna be at Diamondback this weekend? I'm debating the trip as we speak....

Bill did this happen at Chandler or ICR - Sand? I have had great luck with the ZipTy fuel screw - It has never failed me & you know how I ride.

I assume you are racing Diamondback also.

Glad you found it but i gotta say you were damn lucky. Went riding on my new '04 450 right after i changed the oil. Problem was I never screwed down the dipstick that inserts into the frame. Left it loose the previous nite intending to screw it down when I was done with the oil change. Forgot, went riding the next day. After the first ride Satch says 'lets have a look at that new machine'. So he says 'nice bike...bla,bla,bla....whats all this oil on the frame for'. I had an immediate panic attack tryin to figure out just how much oil i'd lost. walked the entire track and you can forget about finding the dipsitck. Bummer.

Next time you need just the spring and oring go to Sudco. They sell them individually. You might want to stretch the spring a bit to add a little more tension. I had to do that with my Zipty. Hasn't fallen out yet :thumbsup:

Try Storm cycles. Thier fuel screw has an extra o-ring on the shaft so it fits tighter and won't vibrate loose.

Safety wire!

Now that would be just plain UGLY!

Bonzai :thumbsup:

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