450 Cam mod wear issues?

My bike was another one of those bikes that was always easy to start. Usually a 1st kick affair. However I still decided to try the cam since it was only 100 smacks. Power with the 450 cam is no different. At least I do not notice as big of a difference as I was led to believe. To be fair though, my bike has a WR flywheel so maybe the extra weight mellowing the bike slightly has something to do with it. As for ease of starting, You cannot fathom how easy it is unless you have had the priveledge of kicking a 450 or 450 cammed bike. The fact that it started usually first kick was only because I put all 200 pounds on the lever and prayed it would fire. Now, I can start my bike with my hand. (seriously, I have done it) My buddy and I could not believe it. Would I do it again...... HELL YES. :cry:

Hey luke, i am happy to have a look/ride with you anytime but i prefer to ride SE of melb if thats OK, best way to contact me is by PM so i get sent an email as i dont have time to look at every post or email me bluebeast@bigblue.net.au or phone me on 97826940 but i have no answering machine, also check out www.dirtbikeworld.net some good people and info there aswell. :cry:

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