What's your story?

Originally posted by Amador:

:) I would but it's her curb. And she is bigger than me. Not as big as your girl, but still bigger than me.

That's kinda like , it's not who wears the pants in the family but who washes them. Don't be knockin' big women , they good for shade in the summer and warmth in the winter.



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AGE: 23yrs old

Situation: married - 1 step son

Cash Getter: Network Design Engineer

Other Hobbies: triathlons - BMX - wave runners - drinking beer - rock climbing - skydiving

bear, thats sick.


Mortgage Broker

Married, 2 kids = daughter 5, son 2

Other interests that riding? Im sorry did you insinuate something other than riding motorcycles is interesting? Occasionally I scare other skiers, other than that.....What, oh ya, skiers and snow boarders are a skiddish bunch. In my personal opinoin, turns are wildly over-rated, just put'em together and go baby!

Age: 25

Status: Married, 1st kid on the way

Occupation: Software Developer

Other interests: I am an airbrush/pinstripe artists. Work on Harleys/Autos/Murals. Something to get my mind away from the computer screen and into right-brain mode for a while.

The 'Hopper'

41 year-old here, married with two dogs,purchasing-semiconductor industry, other hobbies-former competetive r/c flier (pattern,pylon)-still fly for fun. Started riding at the age of six, rode for twenty years and stopped, started again this year on 400f,next week picking up new 02 426. jimbo

45 Y.O.

Married for 26 years

Former Marine, tried flight programs but flight surgeons had other ideas

2 teenage children, 16 Y.O, girl, 14 Y.O. boy(riding partner)

Quality Engineer ( Enviro Eng by degree) for a general contractor on D.O.D. (U.S. Navy) contracts

Returned to riding in 1999 after a 20 year layoff for no really good reason

Loving riding motocross with my son and wishing I had never left riding.

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Married - 22 years (met my better half age 15 - her 12, I knew then I'd marry her :D )

Three sons - 18, 16, 14 (18 year old , just grad, college bound - Rocket Sciencetist)

Roofing Contractor - Married Boss daughter, thought I married $$$, only got job :)

Boating, all watersports, golf, hockey - coach & player.

Best accomplishment, Wife-best friend, three Sons. :D

Work in spare time :D

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