Anyone run a K&N air filter?

Anyone run a K&N air filter? I just got one what do ya think about it?

do you have to use the K&N filter oil with this? Let us know how this works.

Question for you pavelkod i was thinking about ordering this filter.... What does it look like? is it the same as a regular filter twinairfilters.jpg or does it look like all the other K&N filters KN_AIRFILTER.jpg.. The reason i am asking is because i have seen some K&N that looked like the standard air filters.. And also I was informed that you may have to do some carb. changes with this filter, was that the case for you?

I dont know yet I have to pick it up from the dealer, but the one for my drz looked like the k&N filters on the bottom. They say you can run it stock but I bump it up one to make it a bit richer.

I have used the oem replacement K& works well and is easier to maintain and install. No need to change your jetting if it is jetted properly to begin with.

It is the same basic shape as the oem filter, but not as tall so it goes in and out easier. I have run it on some pretty nasty limestone tracks and have never had any problem with anything getting past the filter. JMO

Yea, what he said. No leaks, no runs, no errors.

Yea, what he said. No leaks, no runs, no errors.

and no performance advantage either. i have a twin air and a k&n. power is the same for both, but the twin air doesnt clog so easily. it has more surface area.

and no performance advantage either. i have a twin air and a k&n. power is the same for both, but the twin air doesnt clog so easily. it has more surface area.

WRONG! On 2 out of 3 three counts.

Here's a copy of one of my posts from the "WR" section where they were really going at it over the Foam vs. K&N filters.

Re: K&N Air Filter 04 WR450 [Re: SXP]

#1083231 - 04/24/04 03:08 AM Edit Reply Quote

1: foam oil filled filter surface area is exactly what you see, no folds or pleats. Only so many square inches of area.

2. K & N filter is a "folded & pleated" filter element that fits within the same air box area. That said, now unfold the filter and lay it out next to your foam filter and calculate the "square area" difference, considerable isn't it? (maybe the reason foam clogges first? )

3. Air filters like oil filters : tests and advertisements "educating" us on how many more microns or particulates that one brand over another filters or let through are just decision makers for the rest of us. Bottom line, any of the filters available will do a fine job, if however you elect not to service/clean them, they will all let you down eventually.

BTY: I'm not partial to either style, the choice is yours.


"Life is a Thinking Man's Game"

WRONG! On 2 out of 3 three counts.


maybe i am, maybe you are. to me, i look at the k&n filter closely and i see a flat filter area with wire mesh over it. the outer surface clogs easily with only dust.

but i look at a twin air and i see large pores on the outside, smaller on the inside. that flows better after its only a little dusty, cuz the outside doesnt clog with dust.

i dont like cleaning filters after they are only a little dusty.

maybe you would have different results in different riding conditions.

im stupid, your smart. you were right, i was wrong. your very attractive, im not good looking. :thumbsup:

Tool, can we look at it this way? What is the most demanding offroad race? No what are the 2 most demanding off road races? Baja and Dakar, correct? Being the fastest at these 2 races isn't always what counts...just to finish is an accomplishment. What filter has not only more wins, but more finishes??? K&N

I can substantiate my statements to your post with many dyno and test results. The K&N flows better than the foam filters which translates into better performance. The K&N also works better than the foam filters when dirty...better performance. They are easier to can wash them out in the kitchen sink without the wife throwing a hissy fit. And they will and can last the life of the bike.

I was not infering to know more than you, just that you were wrong in your statements about this particular subject. Tdub

On my offroad Stadium car (raced at the now defunct Mickey Thompson Offroad Gran Prix series and Glen Helen short track series back in the day) we would run the filters until until the pleats were smooth with dirt at which time the filter would be chucked and replaced with a new one. Kenny Johnson (co founder of K&N) said the only reason they started making cleaning kits is because people wouldn't beleive the filter worked better when covered with dust as the dust acts like a filter. Hence the "million mile filter" claim.

I've had mine on my bike for awhile now and have had no leaks or dirt get into the motor. I've also never washed it and I never will (I hate washing filters!).

Run what you want, he asked, we answered.

But with the K&N filter,I can see better performance with the increased air flow, but wouldn't you have to maybe change your oil more often because I have heard with more air flow comes more microns of dirt passing through also. True? :thumbsup:

I run K&N in all my vehicles [road]. All my off-road machines have been foam [Twin Air]... In my experience... maintenance on the K&N so much easier than the foam that I am "hooked". All things being equal [or at least close]... I'd go with K&N over foam. [Which means I'd better see what's in the new YZ426 I just bought]. Might need to be ordering a K&N. :thumbsup:

I used to run K&N filter on my DRZ400 out in coal dust and never had a problem w/dust passing through as long as I oiled it? I also noticed a bit of power increase. And more of an increase w/an aftermarket pipe? I would think the K&N will help more w/ a yz450f beast. :thumbsup:

Get a filter skin for your K&N. When it gets dirty just slip it off and BAM!...clean filter.

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