Anyone use the FMF Power up jet kit?

Anyone use the FMF Power up jet kit? I just ordered one for $39 . What are you opinions?

i dont think many people use them...i know people who got them with their factory 4's (me included) that don't use them.

i got one with my factory 4. i've tried a couple different combos of jets and clip positions but, haven't got the response i want. think i'm gonna go back to the stock jet and needle.

Question for you when you say you got one with your factory 4 did they through it in with the purchase as a promotion or did you pay extra for it? The reason I'm asking is I recently purchased the Factory 4 but did not recieve a power up jet kit unless it was in the box and i missed it.. Just wondering if i need to pull the box out of the storeroom and take a closer look...

came with my pipe, did not have to pay any extra for it.

sounds like you need to go double check the box! :thumbsup:

same here, came with the pipe as well as the wash plug and a bunch of stickers

Damn I think i got ripped off!!! :thumbsup:

i got mine with the pipe, it sucked. be really careful with the jet carrier, they break really easily, leaving a stub inside the emulsion tube (i think thats what its called)

couldnt get mine right with it, went back to stock. it comes with a chart that seemed to only be good for sea level.

so if was to get a jet kit should i go james dean, fmf or k&n ?

I put it on my bike and I love it. Instant throttle response everywhere. :thumbsup:

I had it & tossed it. The JD Kit is the best that I have tested.

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