Are MX bikes too expensive?

MarkC I think I can answer that for Ego, although he doesnt need help, YES.

You shoulda seen the look on my Boss's face when I showed him the built in Korea stickers on about 100 of the parts in his 190E.

I told him he had the nicest hyundai Id ever seen.

But you have to look at the sheer technology that you get when you plop down your 6300, in comparison to what you got for your 1850 in the mid 80's, and its a deal. Plain and simple.

I remember back in 1985 I had $2,000 saved up to buy a CR500, but in 86/87 the price sky rocketed while I was trying to decide the KX/CR question.

Before and since I don't think that price have gone up much year to year. If they overproduce and the market dries up some, maybe the prices will actually come down. Its all about supply and demand.

a plain jane 2wd toyota pickup cost 5500 in 83, get one now 13000. A friend of mine at the track said it was a lot cheaper for his boy to race motocross than it was to race go carts, I dont mean shifter carts either, I mean briggs and stratton carts. Even if you count 5k for works showa suspension and 2k in motor mods you have something that can be competitive at the highest level of our sport, look at kyle lewis! I think we are getting a bargain. Also the mfr dont make any real money on the mx bikes in the grand scheme of things. They make it on playbikes and four wheelers, watercraft, outboard enguines and automobiles. They want your brand loyalty so you'll buy all their other stuff. What they make on the yz's probably doesnt cover their racing budget, especially with the salaries today. They just dont sell enough mx bikes to make a lot of money on them.

I love the Honda commercial they play during the races. the phrase "winners ride hondas". As if the bike RC is riding has anything in common with the bike you and I can buy. This is like saying "winners drive chevys" when regarding Jeff Gordon. That car has nothing to do with what is available to us.

FYI, I dont follow nascar, chevy was an example, Im not really sure who Gordon drives for.

Ego wrote: You said do you think RC is worth it. It dont matter what we think but the marekting and sales at Honda, they think so and so they pay the kid.

Is he worth it, Every freaking dime as far as I am concerned, if he can get the moola and perform the way they want WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN"

I definatley think he is worth it from Honda's standpoint. Do I think it's worth it from all of our (poor schmucks) standpoint, NO WAY.

That $$ they pay the riders comes right out of our pocket and it is ultimately reflected on the final price of the bike.


So, I take it we are in agreement.

Your term Sheeple means that when people see someone else doing something they will tend to do the same things. Like buy dirtbikes that they see there favorite rider riding.

Sheep are a funny animal, they have a tendancy to follow the leader even over a cliff, if the leader goes in that direction.

Sheeple are infact as you see, ones that follow the leader no matter what questioning nothing observing even less

Yes Vegas We are in agreement a first for human kind :D

Vegas Your pretty sharp for a guy thats in marketing :) What exactly you Market

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A buddy of mine and his kid had to stop racing Jr. Dragster as the costs escalated. JR Dragsters use Briggs and Stratton motors and are supposed to be low cost. The stock motors can only take so much so they make total billet motors. The cost 5,000 each and you need more than 1.

In MX outspending your competition does not mean you'll win. And you can look like a putz losing on a trick bike.

Look at the cost of hookers in Vegas as compared form 30 + years back, Geez now your talking inflation

I'm just thankful my income has kept the pace with hooker inflation.

Not everyone is so fortunate.

Maybe we could have a raffel.

But EGO, aren't you again forgetting that those hooker dollars are buying much bigger, better and faster equipment? Either way, your reference is to a used equipment market. I thought we were talking about new equipment only. :)

Ya wanna talk tech, nowadays hookers are way more advanced than hookers from say just 20 years ago. I mean you can get a hooker now thats better lookin than most moviestarlets. Rocket fuel hot! Ya they're 250 an hour, but what an hour :D Compare that to the truckstop snatch from 20 years ago that you need a bag for, not to mention the smell or any of the rest of it. (shudder) :)

Hookers, too funny, Id rather ride. :D

What do you call a hooker with a runny nose????


Well I dunno about the trucker Hookers, But I did know a guy who had a bud , that had a cousin who lived in Jearsly Shore, that new a guy named sludge.

Well I was told by this guy who had a bud , that had a cousin who lived in Jearsly Shore, that new a guy named sludge that was a trucker, who dated this girl, that had a friend that was a truck stop hooker :) (See where Im going with this)

Anyway the story goes as this guy I knew who had a bud , that had a cousin who lived in Jearsly Shore, that new a guy named sludge that was a trucker, who dated this girl, that had a friend that was a truck stop hooker.

So to make a short story a little longer this guy I knew who had a bud , that had a cousin who lived in Jearsly Shore, that new a guy named sludge that was a trucker, who dated this girl, that had a friend that was a truck stop hooker.

said that sludge was the cause of this truck stop hooker being a hooker becouse the gal he dated that new the hooker who had a friend and new this guy that was a bud of the guy I knew.

Bottom line I dont know where this is going so I will stop now

Ok so now its a joke post

here is one

There is a Texas Cowboy, an American Indian and a Muslum at the airport talking. The subject got onto terrorist and the conversation stopped.

The Texas Cowboy just folded his arms leaned way back in the chair, tipped his hat down and kicked out hsi legs as to go alseep.

The American Indian and the Muslum started talkin the Muslim Asked

Tell Me about your People

The American Indian Replied

Once we were many

Now we are few

The Muslum Declared

Ha We were once few

And now we are Many, How do you explain that?

Well The cowboy lifted his hat and looked at the Muslum and said in his Texas Wide Draw

Easy We aint Played Cowboy and Moslum Yet :)

Mark, you hit the nail on the head. On old wise man once said... If you charge enough, you can sell anything.

There's a simple solution if you think $6000.00+ for a new 450 is to much. Take a clean sheet of paper and a sharp pencil and design your own After you've spent $6000.00+ on design, research, a simple working model, a preproduction model for testing and then a final product,,,you might have a set of forks but you'ld be way over budget by then. For what we pay I think we are getting a bargin.

Originally posted by E.G.O.****:

Ok so now its a joke post

As far as you're concerned, aren't they all??

I have not seen anyone mention import taxes. How much of the price (percentage wise) accounts for taxes now, and what percentage of the price accounted for import taxes 15 or 20 years ago?

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