Anyone have an 03 or 04 YZ muffler for sale?

Just bought a WR450F and want to put YZ exhaust on it.


lol no one reads posts.....but yes i do have a 450 muffler (an o4 with the ti-endcap i want to sell. pm me with an offer.

Did you have this in the parts for sale? I must have missed the post? :devil: I would have no idea what it would be worth? :thumbsup: pm me with the ballpark. OOPS..Just did a search on your name and saw your post for it. I didn't realize they were that high. I was figuring that I could pick one up used for 50 or 60 bucks.

i mean i have to get rid of it i dont have a use for d also its not even used. bought a yosh pipe when i picked up the bike and went straigh on when i got home. pipe doesnt even have a trip up the street on it. ill send you a pm with a good deal..... :thumbsup:

Sold! I sent you a pm. :thumbsup:

Thanks! Eric

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