02' ODD Clutch Problems!

My bike(02 426) was making a bunch of extra racket, so I pulled the clutch as a first step in troubleshooting(thought maybe a disk cracked or something). What I found was not good. The large gear that attaches to the back of the clutch basket had a broken spring(the last loop broke off and got wedged in).

Question 1. What do these springs do? Can you replace them seperately?

2. Do aftermarket, or oem baskets come with this gear attached, if not, how to take off and put on?

3. Anybody got a complete clutch assembly (the whole darn thing, baskets, plates, gears etc.)they want to sell?

4. Seems to be a weird malfunction, anybody seen this before?

5. Best place to find the parts I need? NCY for oem, or aftermarket?


Hey, nobody knows about this, or you don't want to help me cause I'm a Kerry supporting, Liberal Yankee? Let's not let our politics interfere with our dirtbikes!

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