"No oil on dip stick"

I'm new to these "hyper" 4 strokes, I came to the 2001 WR-426 from a 1983 XR 500,HUGE differance!! But everytime I get back from a 50(or so)mile ride, there is no oil on my dipstick! I usually have to add approx. 1/4 of a quart, consistantly! Not a big deal really,I'm just wondering if this is normal..The bike does not smoke,leak, and I do fill it to the top line everytime before I ride.I have approx.700 miles on it, change the oil about every 200-300 miles, using Mobil-1 MX4T-fully syn. 4 stroke motorcycle oil..(Awesome shifting by the way)Just curious if it was happening to anyone else :)


Tim, I have a 2001 WR426. I have not had any problems with oil consumption. When I change my oil, after I let it idle to check the pressure I usually fill it between the two marks. I also have never used Synthetic oil. I guess I'm a sucker and use the Yamahalube 4

even when I was into muscle cars I never used the stuff. The Yamaha oil doesn't seem that much to me considering what I have invested in my machine. Just my 2 cents!

Dennis :)

Are you sure it's "burning" the oil? I have never heard of a WR, being a smoker. When you drain the motor for an oil change, how much drains out?

The reason I ask is, if you haven't run the motor, the oil drains from the frame to the crankcase. Always check the oil level after the motor has been warmed up.



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Bill, I usually check the oil right before I go ride, or after I get home from a ride, therefore the engine would not be warm! Maybe that's my problem? I have a buddy that rides a DRZ, and he has to add even more, we are doing the same thing..Maybe we are over filling, by the time it warms up. :) I'll try it..Thanks!!..Tim

You have to idle the bike for a couple of min before you check the oil. Don't check it cold.

The manual states to "idle the engine for more than three minutes".

This brings to oil up into the frame. If you check it without running it first, your oil is sitting in the bottom of your engine. Your dip stick cannot reach that far!(Just some humor!)


After I installed the Scotts stablizer I had to bend my dip stick in order to get it in and out. It can not be pulled straight up because the post mount gets in the way. I posted this issue on TT and some of the replies stated that some people just chop the dip stick off and keep the screw cap or replace the screw cap with another type. I followed that advice. When I change oil, I add 1.7 qts and forget about it. I have had my 2K WR for about a year now and have ridden the heck out of it. NO PROBLEMS! :) Like Dens Dirt, I use Yamalube. It works great so I can see no reason to change. But, I am fanatical about changing my oil after two rides and if it was a really long hot dusty loop of 70+ miles I change it. I know this may sound extreme but I tend to keep my bikes for a really long time and like them running good. I still have my 86 TT350 that I bought new. The engine is completely original and still runs like a champ. My oldest son putts around on it now. :D

Hay Paul check out the gerogetown post


Is it normal for oil to come out of the filler pipe with the bike running? Wasn't concentrating on the job at hand and left it undone started it got covered by oil

I've started it with the dipstick just sitting in the hole unthreaded.  Made a mess.

Yeah k then but is that a good or bad thing is what I need to know?

Is it normal for oil to come out of the filler pipe with the bike running? Wasn't concentrating on the job at hand and left it undone started it got covered by oil



Why are you answering a 14 year old thread.

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