YZ450s are at the docks!

I just spoke to one of the local dealers who said that the YZ450s have landed at the docks in Seattle, WA. At this point it may be 5-10 days before they get here in Oregon but at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Has anyone ever noticed that dealers never have the same information regarding availability? It seems some are more willing to actually dig and check to see where the bikes really are and others just don't want to put any effort in.

Either way I may have my bike in 2 weeks! Darn that seems a long ways away!

Dont get your hopes up they are saying sept to oct now :)

Supposedly there is a first shipment of a few bikes then the bigger shipment later.

Talked to 2 different dealers here in Florida today, both said their 450F's are scheduled to arrive in September.

talked to my dealer yesterday, he told me that Yamaha allowed them 1 on the initial shipment, and 2 more by March. They told me Yamaha wasn't going to be putting out many 450's this year. What's the truth. The dealer is in a town of 130,000 people and they are the only Yamy dealer in town.

Well I dont know about that ..

But I heard yznvegas and hick are banding together to protest the arrival in Washington. I also heard there getting in touch with that wacko group WTO to burn seattle down to the ground for leting 4 speeders in the country,,,,, :D

Just a few seconds ago, I saw a caravan of slobering rabid anti 4 speeders on Hiway 5 heading right to Oregon boarder :)


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Of course theyre at the docs, all boats use boat ancors to keep them from floating away...

sorry, couldn't resist.

What's up, you thinking of getting one to stop your CRF from 'washing out' LOL

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