Ferry looking good on new 450

I got to see Tim's debut on the Yz450F yesterday. He's looking very comfortable on the new mount. The bike appeared to be bone stock except for factory Kayaba suspension, some very trick Magnesium hubs and a few other bolt on items but stock exhaust. I asked Timmy how he liked it compared to the 426. His comment was "it's good!" with a big smile on his face :) It's obvious that they are still trying to sort the thing out. He was looking very fluid and able to select lines that would make the Honda riders cring. The bike looks rock steady through the woops and off-line kickers. I didn't get to wait around for the results, but it wouldn't reflect how he did because he was teamed with a Pro-surfer that was off the pace.

On my way home from the track I called my dealer to see if they had any news on when my bike will be in (nothing yet)but soon. I also put a deposit on a WR450 as well.

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