Gytr Exhaust vs something else

Does anyone know how the Gytr exhaust compares to the other manufacturers. Pro's and cons power gained or lost vs less or more noise. I've been kicking around the White bros then I saw the Yamaha Race stuff. For the most part I would like to stay under 93 db. It's going on a 04 wr 450 that sees mostly trails and dunes and currently is stock just uncorked.

I would keep the stocker it runs 92db with the stock insert and you can change to a louder insert for more power. The FMF Q is a marginal 94 db but has tested higher on some bikes. Everyone I have seen that posted on the FMF Q is very happy with the performance for the noise level.

ya man the gyt-r pipe is going to be alot lowder. i have the silencer and head pipe on my 02 426 and its prop arount 100dba.

wow, 93db will be tough. everybody seems to focus on 96db. if you just have to replace the stock one call fmf. they used to list a european model Q. indy's right though, stock may be your best bet.

I have the pro moto billet insert in the stock exhaust and I can't imagine needing any more power. It tested at under 96DB at the Colorado 500 last year. The vortip insert is also quiet, but the promoto doesn't stick out and is less expensive. I have only seen one bike with the GYTR and it seemed quiet enough.. Quiet is beautiful, I like you're reasoning on that, it will keep riding areas open. :thumbsup::devil:

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