People that cant take a joke...

I ended this because there are some people who cant take a joke.

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your right since Tim Ferry isnt any faster on the 450f, I think I will keep my 426..... :) Later,


If Timmy aint that much faster on the 450, then since I have already paid for mine, I will see if they can use the $$$$ to put towards an XR400. Man I hope so.

Or maybe I'll get it and just try to give myself a month or so to get used to it!!!! :)

just listen to yourselves.... :)

Or is this a joke thread and I missed it.....?

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Having ridden white, not blue, with the first generation yz400f, I thought it was about time to upgrade. However after getting tired of waiting for any news of when the yz450f would be out, I slapped down money on 2003 CRF450. Only to learn of the yz450f launch a month later. My crf arrives later this month but now Im pining for the new yzf. Should I sell the crf even before it gets off the show room floor and buy blue, or should I try red for a change? Decisions, decisions.

LOL @ Thumpty, of course we are joking!

Your totally right about Ferry he isnt any faster on the 450f. You know why???? He isnt riding it yet!!!! Its a 2003 bike. Its not legal in AMA competition. Here's the official Debut:

"July 29, 2002

Ferry to debut the YZ450F

Here's a note from Yamaha's Terry Beal:

Team Factory Yamaha racer Tim Ferry and Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA are pleased to announce the national racing debut for the all-new 2003 YZ450F.

Okay, Okay - as many of you know, the 2003 YZ450F is not legal this year in AMA competition, and though Yamaha created ripples with its YZ400F, way way back in 1997, and YZ250F, the AMA won't budge on its homologation rules for this year's Outdoor Nationals. Tim Ferry will make his debut at Saddleback Park on Monday August 5th during day one of the Surfer-Cross.

The annual Surfer Cross, featuring top surfers and motocross racers, will be held on Monday August 5th at Saddleback and Tuesday August 6th at "Trail 1" in San Onofre State Beach. Start times for both days are 8:30 am. The competition pits surfers vs. motocross racers on a track one day and in the surf the next. Totals are added for an overall winner and year long bragging rights.

Asked about his chances for winning the 2003 Surfer Cross, Yamaha racer Tim Ferry said he hoped "for huge jumps and small waves." Ironically, the #1 Plate/Board? holder in Surfing, CJ Hobgood, said he hoped for "small jumps and huge waves."

Unfortunately, the event is not open to the public. Look for more details here on"

Im selling my 426 and buying a 1970 Sl-350 twin. Im gonna put knobbies on it keep gas and dirt on it and ride all the time.....

Im so disgusted with whiners on TT about the 450 I am fed up, :):D

Amen, EGO.............

Have you guys ever heard of the saying "Race on Sunday Sell on Monday"? You guys are all fools. Why do you depend on how Tim Ferry does in races to determine what you buy?

You guys are setting up Tim Ferry to fall because you guys are making the assumption that the YZ450F is so much faster than the 426 and CRF450R that Tim Ferry will be MORE competitive once he rides the YZ450F.

While most of you guys agree that races are won or lost based on the 90/10 rule, you guys keep talking as if it's the 10/90 rule (10% rider 90% bike).

Give it a rest. The YZ450F is BETTER than the 426 in that it's lighter and easier to start. For 99% of us, that's what is important.

It doesn't matter what the newest/best bike is. My bike is better than your bike. :) Sheesh! lol

and don't get a 250F, those bikes are for old geezers.


ya gonna take the lights off the SL, maybe put some preston pettys on....... don't forget the pipe?

Sorry to say, I still remmeber the days.

I now decided against the XR400 I mentioned above and am working on a steal-deal for an XR150f cuz of the wt ratio .

Someone said they have a brother that dated a girl that danced at a strip joint that had a mom that was a hooker, and SHE said that she saw RC riding the new XR150f and he was kick A.. on it!

I figure if RC is riding it.......heck I gotsta have one!!! :)

If he rides one and is fast on it......SURELY ......I WILL BE FAST just like him??????? :D

That 1970 Sl 350 twin that Ego siad he wants probably has more in common with our production bikes than Tim Ferry's does!!

I am canceling the order for my YZ450 unless I get it right now!


Originally posted by pavelkod:

What you might shave 1-2 seconds off your lap time.

Wouldn't want that! Why be at the checkers 5-10 seconds ahead of the guys you were dicing with last weekend.

I cant take it any more. I'm so worried about which bike weighs 2 oz's less and has bigger longer lasting nipples on the tires that I quitting. You guys can have my bike and my gear. I'm gonna go off an work on my 12 oz curls and my clicker skills while watchin them Nascar boys do some real racin! :)

On top of that I m getting rid of my wife for a big fat babe

that way she can just sit on me and end my misory


Preston peties and keep the head lites for desrt racing.

Now those wher the days CAAAAHHHHOOOOONNNNAAAA's :)

EGO, then when a fat girl sits on your face the loud rap music your kids are playing won't bother you.

Fat girls keep ya warm in the winter and shady in the summer.

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