People that cant take a joke...

Unless the rules allow enough overbore to get the displacement near 540cc (similar to how 125's are allowed to go to 132cc or so).

I believe they can go .80 (2mm) over stock bore?

This is a throw back to cast iron cylinder. Back when we could bore our bikes and save all that money. I have heared Ferry runs a 444 cc cylinder (2mm overbore). This is just from memory, I do not know the exact rule. ---Mike

The ama use to use an oversize rule, not an overbore rule. The rule was to let guys bore for rebuilds, but the rule was gray, and smart people see the gray areas, and exploit them. At least thats what Ive been lead to believe. The rule changed though, starting next year. Next year, if Coop runs, it will be on a 450.

What ever happend to the claim rule?

Used to be able to claim a bike if you thought it was illegal..

I believ this happend to Magoo as well as Hannah

By privateers. Nice way to get a works bike

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