Older motard

I've got an oppertunity here for a low cost motard and am wondering if anyone can help with some advice. A buddie of mine has an '86 XL600 for $500. I used to have the same bike back in the day and loved the pull on that baby. It runs but needs work. I want to completely restore it, add an aftermarket pipe, rejet, etc. and put 17 inch rims front and back with slicks. This bike would be purely for fun, no racing. Would I have to lace up my own front wheel or is there one available for an '86. I also believe it's got an 18" rear as stock. So maybe an 18" front then, huh? (18" tires ?) What would I do about the disc brakes too? Thanks for any input. Goosedog

Your best bet might just be to go look at eBay or a bike wrecking yard and get the front end off a later XR650L. Or....go buy another front wheel and have a 17" rim laced to it. Ditto on the rear. You want to stay with 17" rubber since most of the good tires are in that size.

One option is to contact East Coast Wheels. They will set you up with 17" rims, spokes and how-to information for relacing you own wheels.


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