Peeling graphics

Who can tell me how to reattach the graphics that are peeling away from my tank? I'm very bummed that they're coming off, but they are salvageable if they are salvageable; know what I mean?

I applied them myself using the windex technique and they looked great until a week ago.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Pilot, the same thing happened to me I have mike metzger graphics on my bike and they started peeling off , i saw on here that some guys used contact cement so i treid it . it seems to be working really good just becareful its kinda sticky and messy but seems like it works really good . good luck

Ive used 3M spray 77 adhesive with good results. I got it at home depot.


OK guys thanks, but I have another question. The parts that are peeling have acquired some dirt. What about surface prep? I'm assuming I just get the exposed parts of sticker and tank as clean as possible and hope for the best.

I'm also going to assume that any cleaning I do will expose the part still sticking to water/cleaner and possibly break it down. Is this going to be a vicious cycle?

This is why you people should be using Rapid-Tac products to apply & remove your graphics.

426 Pilot, you can use contact cleaner to get the dirt & glue off the graphics. Then spray the 3M 77 adhesive(this stuff works great), let it set up for a few minutes, then apply everytime, you may need to use masking tape on the edges overnight to completely adhere the edges...

ok here's my 2 cents on the graphic war.

I couldn't keep graphics on a bike for more than a year without them looking like crap. Im not that hard on bikes so Im not the cause.

Ive been told that the reason that the graphics come off is because the gas vapors are "leaching" out of the tank through the plastic and attacking the adhesive.

What you need to do is seal the tank to keep this from happening. Im sure there are products out there just for this purpose. as mentioned above by someone else.

Some bikes tankes are thicker than others. That is why my wifes 99 kdx200 graphics look awsome still. The tank is really thick were the yz's is really thin. the gas fumes cant escape out of hers as easily as mine.

Case in point, look at the new cr graphics. They are on a shroud not the tank and they dont peal. same thing with the kx's

I sealed my tank with clear (spray can) plastic primer I got from napa. I have had the same graphics on my bike for 3 years with minimal pealing. they are looking like hell now and need to be replaced. But 3 years is a lot of life to get out of a set of graphics.

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