Do you think you are fast, but you truly are a spode...?

Check this...Are you a Spode?

I think we all either have been or still are.

[ August 05, 2002: Message edited by: Bambislayer ]

"Spode - An inept rider lacking in natural talent. This rider often thinks they are much better than they are."

What do you call a rider that knows he's inept and lacks natural talent but keeps trying to improve. But no matter how much he tries, he knows he will never get to the level that he wants?

....because that's me...

That's a "Self Actualized" Spode.

Count me in, too. :)

Westla, I would call them to go riding because it sounds like they have no attitude problem and don't whine constantly.

Cyclenut LOL

That definition is the entire line up at most intermediate and beginner level races. :)

Most of the they just get called "mortals"!

what does dropping your bike out of the truckbed have to do with being a spode?

Jody Wiesl said it best I think, "Your never as fast as you were, as when you were slow"

Ive read that four times. It still doesnt make sense.

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