Power / handling on '04 450?

How does you guys's power work on your '04 450's?

Linear? Torquey?

I'm in the market for a new bike - and although I'm seriously slanted on the KTM 525 or 450SX - the Yamaha/KTM dealer here has an '04 YZF450 for $4950, brand new - while the KTM is still $6500.

I've had issues with my dad's '00 426 with the handling, and power delivery.

It feels heavier and more sluggish than the KTM, and the power is not strong at all until you get it up about 1/2 way in the RPM's, then it's very respectable. My dad loves the torque in my bike too, which is probably the only thing he'd like changed about his bike.

In what ways has the 2000 YZF426 evolved into the '04 450?

INtimate details and anything from the real world is helpful. Good, bad, just "is" and ANYTHING you guys can give me about the YZF450.

Please, anyone who can compare, let me know!

buy the bike. ride it. love it. there not even comparable to an 01 426. its much lighter, 20lbs is alot for a bike. also the power is insane compared to the 426. (i only rode a 426 a few times, but i wasnt really impressed compared to my 450) the handling is much improved b/c of the weight difference too. suspension is also top notch. go for the 450.....you wont be dissapointed.

I bought my 04 450 4 months ago, and I was glad I did.

I had a heavy 01 426, and I was glad to covert. More power, lighter, front feels light, and suspention is killer!!!

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