honda xr 650 l -93 10000 feet carburation

bought a 93 xr 650 l at sea level here in peru now i am using it at 10000 feet and it runs really bad popping and half throttle max after that misfire it is running extremely rich and no manuals or anybody to ask it has a supertrapp installed i think airscrew is hidden under some cover but which one dont know mainjet size i have never worked on such a strange carb completely lost please help

There is a screw opn the bottom front of the carb. It may still have a tab on it that prevents you from turning it much- just take a file and file the tab off the float bowl.

Turning the screw in leans the mixture at small throttle settings.

The pilot jet and main jet are in the float bowl, that part of the carb is just the same as any other bike carb.

You would probably be fine with the stock main and pilot jet- something like a 48 or 50 or 52 pilot, and a 152 or 155 or maybe a 158 main jet. Jets are usually pretty cheap, so if you don't know what's in there now get a range. Not sure on their availability in peru, though!

For a temp. fix, make sure you have a K&N paper or a foam air filter (anything but stock!) and just try running with the airbox side cover off. Also, make sure the airbox inlet restrictor has been removed.

Check the other XR650L threads on some carb mods that will help no matter the elevation.

Hey Tony, im riding my XR in Peru, its phreaking dirt bike heaven :devil: Where you at ? Im in Miraflores, I usually ride to the south... Havent been to the North yet :thumbsup: You found any great areas to ride near Lima I need to know about ?

hi dave and thank you for your info carb is dismounted and ready to open airscrew cover only problem is there are two posibilities there is two covers one right at the front and one that you have to remowe the bowl to reach unless you remove the tab on the bowl i presume you mean the cover under the tab just want to be sure any screwup by me and bike will be parked for weeks until spares can come

thank you again tony

hi mr jetpilot i am living between carhuamayo and oxapampa we are building yuncan powerplant will be here another year we have three bikes here honda cr 500 and some ktm offroad bike i just got my bike so dont know that much about roads yet will come back to you with more info later see you tony p

Cool Tony, sounds like a great gig. There is a great XR shop that specailizes in the XR600R here in Lima and the rates are great also :devil:. They rebuilt my entire bike and motor. They REALLY know thier stuff :thumbsup:! If you want the number email me and I will give you all thier info.

The 2 covers I'm familiar with on this carb is the shiny top cover (4 screws) that holds in the slide and vacuum diaphragm, and the float bowl (4 screws).

The screw on the bottom, sticking out and pointing down, just in front of the rectangular float bowl, is the low-speed fuel screw. In=leaner, out=richer.

Tha main and pilot jets are under the float-bowl cover (when the carb is upside-down).

The only other thing on the carb is the air valve, which is a little round cover held on with 2 screws.

dave i must have some california model coz close to bowl in front of carb there are two sort of bras covers where i presume the airscrew is hidden underneath so i have to drill out one of this brascovers to get to the airscrew only problem is which there is a tab on the bowl yes and under the tab there is a brascover but just in front of this there is another brascover which is hanging down a bit further my guess is the cover under the tab but just to be sure i tried today to run rhe bike without airfilter and it runned almost as good as at sealevel i also found my jetsizes 152-50 so i have ordered a bunch of smaller mainjets it will take a few weeks to get here and also a kn foamfilter will come so little by little i will get this going another question there are two bleederhoses but i only find one place on the side left side to attach one and the other one where does it go i dont have a owners manual or a ws manual this bike according to previos owner has been to us two times and brazil one time but from what i can tell engine or carb has never been taken apart no speedometer so dont know mileage and amazingly it seems to have original tyres hmmm strange the previous owner about 65 years old something is not right but ok doesnt matter the bike seems to be in good shape its my first thumper i have had abunch of two strokes before so this completely sealed cv carb is new to me and again thank you for your help i am very greatful tony

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