I want a nipple - and a spoke now !

Does anybody have a SINGLE spoke nipple they could send me? I am in the process of relacing my REAR wheel and after cutting out numerous spokes, getting a bunch of used ones with the used rim I bought, I came up one nipple (and now one spoke - long version) short!! :)

I know this line is an easy setup, so,... go ahead, take your shots, I'll enjoy 'em right along with you. But only if somebody is kind enough to volunteer to send me their nipple (and spoke) !!


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Believe it or not, I have 2 nipples, so does my girlfriend (hers are larger though). What size do you need?

Man i would love to help u, but my girlfriend said she couldnt give just one up, they both come together. Good luck finding one nipple, im sure you will find one, now days people are into strange things. :D:)

There might be a chick from "Total Recall" who could afford to give you just one nipple.

Hey Latham, I have a genuine OEM front nipple I can send you. PM me with your address.

This is me biting my tongue. :)

yes ummmm, can i get a big mac with fries and 2 large nipples please :D:D:)

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Check your PM's.


Bambi LOL

Too easy. :D:)

Blatham I am in Houston and I think I have some in the garage. You are welcome to them.


Check your PM's.


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