WR 400..... backfiring, stalling

Tonight on the way down the mountain my bike started acting up, it's backfiring and stalling.

At the bottom I tried to open it up on flatter ground and it started accelerating nice then nothing, motor stalled wouldn't refire. Any ideas?


Dirt in the float bowl? Tight valves? Mine did that one time with a resticted main air jet (too much filter oil). :thumbsup: Good luck


I had the same problem on my 98 WR400 during a weekend of wet-weather riding... turned out to be lots of water and cr*p in the carb, especially in the Acc. pump bowl. Take some compressed air to your jets and it should be fine...


cr&p in the carb ???

check your fuel filter

check your breather hoses & reroute one of each assembly to the air box to avoid sucking crap into it from water etc.

Try changing your spark plug :thumbsup: My 99 acts similarly to what you are describing when the plug gets fouled. I change my plug and all is well. Just my .02

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