BRP: 650 Only?

It it only the XR650 that is considered a Big Red Pig? I was wondering if the term applies to the XR600 or even as far down as the XR/XL500. I sat on the XR650L down at the dealer. That is one tall bike. I am 6 ft with fairly long legs and the bike was almost too tall for me. I'd probably have to drop it just a wee bit, but I'm will to suffer.

I don't know if the term BRP existed before the XR650R came out. However, BRP has become popular and now the XR650L owners like to use the endearing term as well. The qualifiers (IMHO) would be: 1) It's a Big Bore single cylinder, 2) It's Red (Honda only, no wannabe's) and 3) It's a Pig (Heavy, yet Powerful with massive torque).

For example, while the DRZ400 is Heavy it is not a BRP because is it puny (400cc), not powerful and it's Yellow. :thumbsup:

I'm giong with TC's 650L nick name. BRPL=Big Red Pig Light :devil::thumbsup::awww:

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