Has anybody found a fix for cracked fuel tanks yet? I have a 2000 yz426.

Buy a new one.

Get a new one. I got the clarke and it looks heavy duty but the fit left something to be desired. Overall for half the price of the stocker combined with greater durability I've decided that I'll live with the fit. The color matched perfectly.

Take it to a body shop and have it plastic welded . I did , Just as good as before. Costs Hundreds less than a new tank.

I tried the JB Weld and filled it up thinking it worked . I let it sit for the weekend and I came out to the garage. My tank was seeping and was getting into my graphics on the left side . I was pissed. My buddy who owns a body shop called me and asked if we were gonna hit the track after work. I told him my tank was leaking and I couldnt . He said why didn't ya tell me, bring it over on your lunch break. He called back a half an hour after I dropped it off and said it was ready to go and he would bring it to the track. My first impression was AWSOME.He didnt even charge me. he said it was cheaper than hell to do it ( plastic welding ) . Its stronger than ever. I will never buy a tank unless the hole is so big it cannot be repaired. The bad part is I called a guy at the dealership and had him order Graphics for the tank. That match OEM exactly , before I realized that with a razor blade I could cut the edge of the graphics off that was ruined and it is hardly noticeable. Now I have to pay for these graphics ( $ 64.00 ) and I really dont need them. Oh Well! I guess the moral of the story is ( Get the tank plastic welded before spnding over a $150 on another tank ) Sorry for rambling. :)

The Clarke tank is only 165$.

A body shop can weld the tank up? Man, I wish I woulda known that.

If ya need to buy a new one, you can get it from Clarke for 170 shipped to your house.

Im gonna see if I can get mine fixed, I still got it I think.

If you do get another tank, you can probably save the stock graphics. I was able to. My wife and I carefully peeled the graphics off of the stock tank and they were still plenty tacky to stick to the new tank. Whole thing took about 10 minutes and it looks just like the old tank (minus the crack). :)

How much does it cost to get it welded? I was thinking about doing that to mine but don't want to spend to much just in case it doesn't hold.

I have a WR gas tank and seat that came with my YZ I will sell you for $100. Been used only 4 0r 5 times. My bike is a '99 400 but I think it will fit.


how much for jus the tank & for shipping it to singapore?


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