Gear Change & Carb/airbox/filter mods for stock exhaust (02 XR650L)

I just bought a 2002 XR650L. Gearing seems way too tall for the kind of riding I'd like to do. Need to lower the gearing for riding trails/fire roads but still be able to do 60 - 70 MPH without buzzing the motor too hard. I've heard limited information about modifying the carb/jetting and snorkel/filter/airbox as well. I plan on keeping the stock exhaust. Live and ride in PA between 500-2500 feet in elevation. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

gearing wise i'd install a 14 on the front.

jetting/ airbox i'd install a UNI,remove top snorkle,remove smog octopus(IMS/baja designs)go to a 52 pilot,158 main,shim the needle.015-020",grind off tab on mixture screw.

And most important,Dispose of DeathWings and install decent tires :thumbsup:

Damn.........that's all there is to say.

Add something to this: drill the vacuum ports in the slide out to 5/32 of an inch- this greatly improves throttle response.


There is a good article at on how to remove the smog pump. It was free too, just find 2 pieces of metal for the block off plates. I kept my eyes open for a couple days and eventually found 2 pcs that fit perfectly without grinding, on the ground.

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