just confirmed first load of YZ450's to hit dealers anyday

My dealer confirmed, my YZ450F will be in anyday, probably by next week. Then I just have to wait for it to be shipped to me in So.Cal. Dealers to only receive one bike in first shippment. He tells me everyone in the dealership is anxious to see and ride it. I told him to leave it in the crate and ship it to the race shop. I'll make the 2 hour drive up there to save time and wear on my new scoot.

This waiting is agonizing!

Ya and angels will fly out o me arz at noon today

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I think that event should be saved for posterity.

Who will step up and video this moment.

Being on the east coast I can't help.

Oh my GAD look at that they flying there flying


Meant no disrespect, I will believe it when I see it.

Yes I saw it, Man them feathers tickle :)

Any news on the TT run Postr yet ?

Looks like Ferry already has his 450, Pics

That's cool Rick & Sonny won. I was hangin with RJ, Campbell, & Kyle Lewis. Rick was baggin on Sonny pretty good after Sonny's first moto. He went down about 3 or 4 times. Campbell's partner looped it off the starting line and Johnny had to work his way up from dead last. It was pretty funny watching the Surfers on the track. I think next year I will enter the Industry class and see how it goes. At least I have somewhat of a chance since I can do both fairly well.


knowing intothumpin the way i do and knowing where he works and what contacts (and contracts) he has, i would imagine that today (around noon) you had a divine intervtion out of your backside.

how was it? :)

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