Stolen 2002 Honda CRF450 !

Hello All,

Subject: Stolen 2002 Honda CRF450R, owned by Kevin Gorzny of Baja Designs. Approximate time of theft - between 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday, August 5, 2002.

The bike was stolen from:

23877 Pepperleaf Street

Murrieta, CA 92562

The VIN is:


in the name of Kevin Gorzny

This bike was used as the Project CRF450, which can be seen here:


Description: In appearance, the bike is basically stock-looking. OEM red & white plastic, with #25N - red backgrounds, white numbers (pre-printed backgrounds - which they of course could easily remove). The bike was loaded with numerous aftermarket parts which can be determined from the links above. The most unique of them all, is the RTT Motorsports Triple Clamp Stabilizer. This product is a gun-metal gray upper triple clamp, with a thumb actuated control switch on the left side, near the grip.

We have a solid idea of who is involved in the theft. The following information concerning the suspects is the best I can put together at this point : email me directly for more information regarding the previous.

Contact Kevin Gorzny at (cell) 702.499.4582 or at Baja Designs - 760.560.2252 x120 with any information.

Email me directly at

Thank you,

Kevin Gorzny

[ August 06, 2002: Message edited by: KGA ]

Sorry about your bikes but you better get some proof before you go commiting libel against people in a public forum like this. That could land you in some hot water.

Also, whats up with all the fat chicks?? Damn, all over 200 pounds.

[ August 07, 2002: Message edited by: yznvegas ]

Man, this sux. Sorry to hear about the theft. Guys, lets be on the lookout for FAT chicks riding a CRF........

I hope you catch them.

I am no detective, but I would guess that Heather and Nova will be found in relative distance to any Krispy Kreme establishment.

Good luck,


What was that? The CRF450 is a good bike for fat chicks?

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