Thunder Alley pipe

Does anyone know if there's a Thunder Alley distributor in Canada?

Ego I swear Im not makin a dime on any of this. Its just a great pipe. Ego, ya oughta call this guy. He is one of the coolest guys youll ever meet. He knows his stuff and talks straight with ya.


Ya you can get the muffler section by itself, for the later bikes that have the headpipe that goes over the oil filter instead in front, like my 2000 did. Bob will tell ya, there not any power in the headpipe,the stock one is correctly sized from the factory. If you guy want another opinion go to the site and look at the new products page. One of the moderaters there, Rich Rohrich, bought one for his CRF. Rich knows everything. Rich is one of the smartest guys Ive ever talked to. He said it was the best $250.00 he'd ever spent.

There isnt a Thunder Alley distributor anywhere. He makes the pipes by hand one at a time to order, and ships it to your home with a bill. You pay the bill and your stoked. I can see an issue with a Canadian check though. Id send him an American money order or cashiers check. IF you want to see what youll get look here:

Good luck, you be quite happy for sure.

its looks like he sells the header and pipe for $350. Can you get the silencer by itself, without header for less.

I just looked at the web site


Shawn are you sure you dont have any stakes in tis game :)

And what's about the sound of this Pipe, very loud i think or not ??

I dont think its any louder than my White Bros. T-4 was. Somebody on here said he had the spark arrestor in his and it was quite a bit quieter. I was gonna try that, but I got sidetracked. I have the S/A, I should do that.

mathieu, Shawn is right, no nothing in Canada but to buy one here is possible, just call Bob and tell him what you want, just one note, I went the money order route (rather than credit card) and when all was said and done (sending the note, Bob receiving it and sending the pipe, then it clearing customs) it took about 6 weeks to come in. Luckily for me, most of the waiting was when there was snow on the ground and my truck was still plugged in. Well worth it though!!!

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