Make my YZ street legal, or just get a WR?

For you guys that have street legalized your YZ's...I'm trying to determine whether or not it's better to go to the expense of making my '99 400 street legal (stator, lighting kit, etc), or just sell it and get a WR? Any suggestions? I do mostly enduro riding, and don't anticipate racing mx.

I would go with a WR because of the wide ratio gears and parts are alot cheaper than the YZ since you already have the stator on the WR. Just my .02

i like my Wr for the 5 speed tranny, i have her geared up and she cruises easily at 60mph with a top speed over 100.

Lots of fun. I do get pulled over by the police quite often though so make sure you have all your paperwork 100% correct.

it is alot cheaper to do a wr. and the tranny is alot better for anything but MX.

well no argument on a WR here :devil::usa::D

but that YZ would work if you wanted to put the effort in... seems like you already know the stator is wrong and thats easily fixed... its the side case spacer that turns me off the most, i guess just didnt want that... plus you get a head and tail light stock and aside from the gearing differences, if you're not gonna banzai the freeways, all that just might not matter to ya...

depends on what ya want to do with it all i suppose... me i have a soft spot for WR's and i think thats all i'll ever ride until i die :thumbsup::awww::lol:

Just made the mod's on my wr426. It's almost legal. Can anyone suggest street only tire for this beast.

I had a 99 YZ that was dual sported and upgraded to a WR450 mainly because of the gearing (and the magic button of course). The wide ratio WR gearing is more suitable to my riding style and distributes the available power more evenly while cruisin the roads and trails.


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