Make my YZ street legal, or just get a WR?

For you guys that have street legalized your YZ's...I'm trying to determine whether or not it's better to go to the expense of making my '99 400 street legal (stator, lighting kit, etc), or just sell it and get a WR? Any suggestions? I do mostly enduro riding, and don't anticipate racing mx.

Whatever you do just make sure its legal before riding on the rode. I just got caught doing a wheelie on the rode by some sherriff on a power trip, and he got me for recklace op, no insurance, and no license. I can lose my drivers license for 90 days with no work privialges along with tons of fines.

I just got my 426 ready for inspection. it wasnt too bad I got a stator/flywheel($150) from a guy on here, front turn signals are small l.e.d. truck side markers from wal-mart($14)a pair mounted on my bark busters, rears are mini stalks you can get anywhere($15)a pair, headlight is a acerbis ($58),a pair of maxxis dualmaxx dot tires($50)each, the tail light is a ktm style you trim and bolt under the original fender($25)clean looking, I got my handlebar controls off of a old klr 250 along with the switch/wiring harness and eliminated all the junk from the harness I didnt need. I thought that would be a nightmare but it wasnt that bad and everything worked when I was done. the only thing I think the wr has over on the yz is a wider ratio tranny which would be better for the road. overall I think I will be happy with it. if you stockpile your parts and arent in a hurry you could do it cheaper than I did (TT, E-bay) if you got any questions I might be able to help send me a pm. :thumbsup:

That sounds like it's not too bad. I'm not in any hurry, I figure I'll just pick the parts up as I see them. I've got a line on a WR stator, so I'll need the WR flywheel as well. Here in Idaho, we aren't required to have turn signals, so that will make it easier. All we need to be legal is:

brake light, tail light, head light (single beam), one mirror, and a horn.

I figure I'll do that 9volt battery personal alarm deal that I saw on TT somewhere. The brake light switch seems like it might be a problem?

If you do mostly might want a bigger tank too. E-line has enduro kits that cost 600bucks. bolt on lighting coil, harness, rear fender with drop down light, and a place to bolt your licsense plate, headlight and 3.5 gallon tank. Not a bad deal for 600bucks.


You can get a brakelight switch from Baja Designs, and many other places for about $20.00! Just remove the existing banjo bolt on the rear master cylinder and replace it with the hydraulic switch. Don't forget to bleed the rear brake when your done.

I figure I'll do that 9volt battery personal alarm deal that I saw on TT somewhere.

That was me. I have that horn. Here are a few pictures of it. Its a radioshack alarm and a honda kill switch. Cost is like $20

horn assy

horn close up

front view of yz with acerbis blitz headlight (upgraded with (2) 50 watt bulbs wired together)

back view of blitz headlight with silver voltage regulator mounted on the side of it.

back view of yz with KTM/UFO underfender tailight/brakelight

close up of ufo tailight (some trimming required)

Bajadesigns has a nice LED tailight assy similar to the UFO. I have one on my CRF250X

led tailight

I think I like the led one better than the UFO one. The ufo one likes to blow bulbs were the led's wont blow.

Bajadesigns has the brake pressure switch as said above for like $20.

voltage regulator $20

I have a Acerbis Mirror $15.

Headlight around $75

Tailight Baja one $50 ufo one $25

WR stator/flywheel $300 thru Electrex

that is about all of it.

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