Spark Arrestor adjustments?

I notice that when I put my spark arrestor on I start getting this popping backiring noise when I let off the throttle. IS this normal? Am I supposed to change my jetting or change the richness of my fuel screw??

Also when letting off the throttle the rev's stay high sometimes and sometimes they come back down to normal. Have had overheating issues once because of this. Anyone know why the engine doesn't drop back down to idling RPM??

Not sure what you mean by putting your SA back on, but all the other conditions are usually from being too lean. If you had open exhuast before then it should get richer adding a SA.

So you think the high revving is caused by it being lean also huh?

I have a FMF Ti-4 and I bought the FMF spark arrestor. It was open before so that's kind of what I thought that since the air flow would be restricted then the fuel would be richer. So then it's the opposite of being lean. Hmmm...

Little confused on this one...

It also died a few times when I rolled up to a stop sign. I think that might be because I have the idle to low.

So basically I need to fudge around with the fuel screw and the idle till I can find a happy medium huh?

hold your throttle open at about 1/8 turn...1500 or so RPMS and if it is popping it is lean. Adjust your fuel screw or drop down a position on your needle if the airscrew doesnt help you.

O.K. I've worked on the carb a bit so far. I've replaced the pilot jet and cleaned out the float bowl and the main jet. I'm not familiar with the needle though. :thumbsup: How do you adjust that?

btw thanks for the info so far

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