Bummed out...

Well I just sold my WR... :) I found that I am going to Italy for Christmas :D, and I needed the cash. I did sell it to my room mate...so it is still in the family. I have to wait 'til spring before I can get another one. At least it will be a 426 I might look at the KTMs too. I guess I'll talk to you guys in April. Thanks for all of the help


I will be going to Italy the two weeks prior to Christmas...hopefully I can get a good deal on some alpinestars boots. I figure between the favorable exchange rate and the fact that alot of riding boots are imported from there that I might be able to get a pretty good deal???

Too bad I already bought mine here. I paid full retail for 'em yeouch! (Tech 8s) Ok OK I don't have to sell my bike!!! I just found out that I am coming into some money from my grandfathers life insurance YEAH!!! it is not much BUT it will pay for Italy...and I am going to work 6 days a week too. phew!!! I was depressed all day about Blue Betty...My room mate took it out today (I knew he was going to) He did about $150 in damage. Smashed the header a bit, ripped the grips off and broke the throttle housing. He has never really been on a motorcycle before (he is a really good mt. biker...BUT...) I guess he grabbed too much front brake tossed him to the ground at 30mph scraped him up a bit too. He said, "it is alot of bike"...I said, "ah, yeah it is..that is why I got it!"

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