98 to 00 WR Stock Exhaust Baffle


Does anyone out there have a stock Baffle for sale. If you do and wants to get rid of it, please feel free to drop me a mail at nthwind@pacific.net.sg

Thanks :)

I don't have a stock one but I was looking for one and found that White Bros. makes one that fits in the same way as stock.

Mech & Buck,

I'm guessing you must have some particular reason for wanting the stock baffle, although I can't think why. I bought the Vortip insert from fineline exhaust for $56, and it gives very noticeable power gains throughout the entire powerband when compared to the incredibly restrictive stock baffle. Baja designs sells a similar insert called the Baja Baffle for $79. Both of these aftermarket inserts are extremely quiet; probably the next quietest you can get next to the stock baffle! There is more information on these in the archives. Just look under vortip or baja baffle.

How can I get ahold of fineline. I was about to buy a Stroker insert from Larry Roesler for about the same price, but I would prefer the Vortip. I thought nobody made them anymore... Help?



I ordered my vortip the early part of last summer. At that time Fineline had stopped manufacturing the vortip, and were only selling their remaining stock, which sounded like quite a few units. If they are sold out, your next best bet is to go with the Baja Bafffle thru Baja Designs (bajadesigns.com). Their design was taken straight from the vortip. In fact, they had to get a license from Fineline to manufacture their model. My buddy has the baja baffle, and I have the vortip. We can tell no difference in either noise or power between the two. Good luck!

Hi to all,

Thanks for all the help. But I really do need the stock baffle only. :)

I'll let you have mine for a very small fee.

E-mail me and we'll exchange info

HI Pyroted,

I have search through the profiles but could not find your E-mail address. Or can you e-mail me at nthwind@pacific.net.sg for the details. Thanks for your help. :)

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