02 YZF 426 vibration

Just found this forum. Love it. Briefly, I use to race 11 years ago, just now getting back into riding. Just bought an 02 426. Love the bike, the power and handling. Question, this bike seems to have some vibration in the bars, after riding a few laps, my hands get that "vibration numbness" much like a mower gives. Is this normal? OR is their some adjustment that can be made in the forks, grips or something. Thanks for your help.


there a few things you can try. first, some nice new grips will never hurt, and if their the stock steel bars(doubt it) trash them. its also popular to go with rubbermounted bars, using an aftermarket triple clamp. or.....learn to ride a little more relxed and dont hold on so tight!! :thumbsup:

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