Parting out my 650R

Guys, I'll be parting out my XR650R rather than get a frame that's not even available for a month. It's a sad day. PM me if you want anything before's the highlights.

2000 XR650R

Motor-clutch upgrade with no problems whatsoever

Edelbrock Quicksilver II carb and throttle cables

Stock Keihin carb with throttle cables

Forks and shock by Precision concepts-10.5 Eibach rear

Black Excels with Mich S12's front and rear

IMS 3.2 white

Pro-tapers CR high

BRP top triple

Moose seat tall

Everything else is good to go except the frame (swingarm, subframe, plastics, etc.)

Let me know.


That is sad. However, How much for the carb and wheels? :thumbsup:

A frame isnt that expensive, and only a month, I wouldnt part that one out. If everything else is good, parting it out for a frame just doesnt make any sense.... There are even frames on Ebay sometimes....

hiya, Lee.. How much for all of it?

Sent a PM..


Please email me at from here on out on any parts. Having trouble keeping up with the PM's! Thanks, Lee

be sure to stick whatever you don't sell here on ebay.

i'll be waiting... :thumbsup:

Sorry to read of your loss!

Can i buy your cylinder head? With or without the valves, etc. Really i just need the head. I might be interested in the cylinder and crank as well. But for sure the head.



How much for the motor and trans?

Guys, sorry it's taken me so long to update the list with what's left but I've been swamped! I'm not putting prices on anything well, because, I don't know. Email me at with what you want and a fair price. With so many requests for stuff I'm going with the ole first come first serve. Well here it goes:

- Forks (Precision Concepts revalve and sprung..butter smooth)

- Steering stem with bearings (upper and lower triples)

- Subframe

- Airbox

- Uni Filter (used a grand total of 1 hour)

- IMS 3.2 (White)

- Stock tank

- Stock seat

- Moose Seat (tall, just like the SDG)

- Swingarm and linkage

- Rear shock (Precision Concepts revalve, Eibach 10.5)

- Stock Ignition Module

- XR's Only Hi Rev Ignition Module

- Radiator and hoses

- Coolant recovery bottle and hoses

- All plastic (used in the East coast woods!)

- Stock carburetor

- XR's Only Alum. Skidplate (Black, the one with 1" hole on the sides)

- Wiring harness

- Rear brake assembly

- XR's only oil temp dipstick

- Stock dipstick

- Kouba Link (lowering, that is a sweet mod for handling!)

- XR's Only 14T case saver (I used a 13 with this)

- Stock throttle cables and throttle

- Stock headpipe

- Stock chainguide

- STock skidplate

- And one severely wadded up frame!

Thanks again for everyone's well wishes and happy shopping!



ps. feel free to call me with any questions!

I will take the Moose seat from you and please put me in line for the rev limiter.

Update: The Moose seat and XR's Only Ignition Module are gone....thanks Kevin!


Thank YOU! Now I just need to find an Edelbrock.... :thumbsup:

I sent you an email about the skid plate and case saver.

Aw Buy It Now price :devil:

Oh well, we'll watch and see :thumbsup:

How much for the package? I'm getting ready to have my suspension sent out. :devil: PM me :thumbsup:

Does anyone want ALL my plastic (not including tank, used but in good shape) for say $150 plus shipping? Also have the white IMS 3.2 and stocker too.

Use if you do. Thanks.

i'm interested in your entire coolant system. what shape are your radiators in? what about the hoses?

did you already sell off your wheels? don't care about shape of rims, just need hubs...

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